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Magic 3 modchip
The worlds best modchip. No swapping or gameshark required! No more waiting to play the latest PS2 games from around the world, just fit this chip into your PS2 and all copies or import games on CD/DVD will directly load. Plays PS2/PS1 cd,cdr,cdrw,dvd,dvdr, and dvdrw. (everything)


PS3 Announced

PlaysStation 3 HDD
Hard Disk Drive for backup of BlueRay discs and donloadng online games.



PS2 Mod Chip Store
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Will this modchip damage my PS2 ?
Absolutely not, this chip works flawlessly without any harmful effect on your PS2.

Will this modchip damage my laser optics?
No, the chip has no effect whatsoever on the laser optics. The main issue to keep in mind is the quality of the disk media you are using (like DVD-Pressed, or DVD-R ); if they are of poor quality (low reflectivity or dirty) then the laser will have to work harder and will deteriorate soops2 mod chips


V Link4Link U gba roms flash advance linker card xg-flash 2 wise box fa xtreme



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PS3 Chips


After three long years of waiting we can finally announce that Play Station 3 has been hacked and PS3 Mod Chips are available for making backup copies and playing backup games on your Original or Slim PS3 console!

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What to find out more about PS3 hacking and modding tools like PS3 Backup Manager tool. PS3 Key - PSJailbreak - PS3 Break - PSfreedom - PSGroove than please go to PS3

Sony Play Station 2 mod-chip Frequently Asked Question

What does a Modchip do for me?
By adding a modchip to your machine, you will enable your machine ability to play CDR CDRW DVDR DVDRW games and with most products also originals from other countries.

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Is there a product that will allow VCDs to play on ps2?
No, some software was attemted to be developed to allow this some time back but limitations of the PS2 determined this was not possible.

Which version is my PS2?
Please see this <page> to Determine your ps2 version.

Which chip is best for my PS2?
This is a common asked question. First you must find out which <version> you have. Then you must decide if you want have to boot with a <gameshark> first before playing the copy. We suggest buying a <magic> modchip as this chip does not require any <gameshark> swapping.

Will the chip effect my DVD playback?
No, none of the chips we sell will effect your DVD player, you dvd player will work as good or better then it does now. Yes better then original as some of the products such as the Gameshark2 actually turn your DVD player into a mulitregion DVD Payer allowing your console to play movies from other countries.

Can you still play normal PS2 games when this chip is installed?
Yes, you can still play orginal normal PS2 games after you install this chip

How many wires do you need to solder?
Some chips require no solder others do, check the products description for exact details.

How stable is this modchip?
Apart from our exhaustive factory testing, all of our chips including Magic are built with the highest quality parts, we never sell clone or cheap imitations when you deal with us you deal with the best original products.

I would like to know if this which chip I can use on my 39001 .
The 39001 can only use the Magic Modchip or the Swap magic mod-disk.

Do your chips support 80 minute game backups?

Does this product allow the use of import games?
Original imports are supported with magic chips only, however, you can play backups from all regions including DVD-R with all chips.

Does this play CDRs over 74 mins? Some DVDRips I burnt on CDR are 80 mins or so.
Yes, all products will play all disc of any size.

Can I Boot EA Backups with your MODCHIPS?
Yes , unlike many other companies selling modchips, our chips will boot everything.

Can I play imported original PS1 games with your chips?
Yes with all of our products original import games are supported.

Does the PS2 No-Solder Mod Chip V4 or V5/V6 work with 80 min CDR ?
By itself it does not, though you can combine this mod with others such as the ModBox to allow the use of 80 min CDR.

Do your chips disable macrovision?
Only Neo 4 /4plus disable macrovision, we can however sell you a 4 wire chip to do this if you require macrovison. Macrovision is protection added to dvd movies to stop copying.

What version is the PS2 Gran Turismo 3 Red box machine?
This is a Version 4 Gap Rom machine. Bets PS2 for your version of the console is PS2 chips with action replay and backup iso boot compatible firmware. To get the right modification you have to find out What version is my PS2 with our PlayStation version detection tool. PS2 mod best suited for running torrent iso files is PS2mod. Easy instructions to mod my PlayStation2 chipping where can i get my PS3 modded with solderless mod disk.

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